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Youth Projects

Youth Active Minds participates and organizes international training and mobility programs aimed at educating and raising awareness among young people on various social and environmental issues. These programs are based on non-formal learning methods and are carried out locally and internationally.


It also implements programs of innovative education and training methods, plans and carries out information and awareness campaigns and finally, seeks the participation of young people in empowerment actions and initiatives. The organization has dealt with various themes related to the environment, sustainable mobility, ecology, art, hate speech and inclusion, according to the perceived needs coming from the youth. The international programs are carried out with the participation of young people from all over Europe and other regions of the world.


The aim of these "(inter)actions" is to break down stereotypical and racist perceptions, to respect the values of human rights, to exchange opinions and people with different historical and cultural backgrounds. In these actions you will find programs with an international impact, in which our organization participated or is actively participating. These programs are supported by local, national, European and international bodies such as the Local Government, the European Commission, the Council of Europe which agree with the principles and values of our body. In this area you can find the future programs that our organization will implement, but also what it has implemented so far through various financial tools or through its own initiative.

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