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All the world's problems can be solved in a garden
Geoff Lawton

Yamochori will be our place of action and living for the coming years.

Our goal is to create a small community of people who respect nature and want to engage in permaculture techniques, natural building, natural cultivation and zero intervention in the natural environment.

It will be the nest for organizing youth exchanges, volunteer programs, local activities and trainings, so that the place acquires a magical energy from people who love soil, water, self-sufficiency, autonomy and freedom, especially in a time of severe oppression.

The development of nature, the people who live in it and the surrounding local community is the purpose of activating us in abandoning our urban way of life and establishing ourselves in a place that is raw and untouched.



Permaculture and
organic farming

Our field is located at an altitude of 670 meters next to a tributary of Evinos ..


Natural Building and DIY

Our goal is to build the basic infrastructure needed to be able to accommodate people and create a small community

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